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Calling all Frosticks!

The intention of the subdomain offer on the Frostick family web portal at www.frostick.com is to offer members of the Frostick family world wide a piece of private webspace on www.frostick.com for their personal homepage.

This takes the form:

and / or an email address:

Current Frostick subdomains

Homepage Name Location
http://alan.frostick.com Alan S.C. Frostick DE (Hamburg)
http://chuck.frostick.com Charles L. Frostick US (Charleston WV)

Subdomain content
Everything about the personal activities, hobbies or interests of Frostick family members. The subdomain page(s) can either be your own HTML or simply a link to another homepage (if you already have one). Provided it follows out template guidelines for a simple page, I will construct the page for you, you merely have to write the text and supply any photos as graphics. Thereīs no limit to the potential number of subdomain webspaces, only for email addresses. Subdomain names will be given on a first-come-first-served basis... so book one now to reserve your first name before your namesake does!

Email names
Email names can be setup either diverting to your existing mail account (preferred) or be a POP3 account. If you only use a webmail agent such as hotmail, then you'll only want a diverter. This offer holds only until my quota for email addresses is used up.

Legal stuff
I am subject to German law and my providerīs restrictions on allowable content. If commercial use is envisaged the charges for webspace would depend on itīs nature and scope. I pay for the webspace and domain name registration and would also be involved in setting up the webpages, links and/or email addresses for you, so I would expect subscribing members to be prepared to help to share this cost with me. The actual cost will depend on the nature of your web pages and the amount of traffic it produces. I expect most charges would be minimal and any payment made for two years in advance. For regular genealogy contributors, for anyone prepared to help maintain the site, or for my close family it will be FREE. The exception would be if the volume of emails or website traffic incurs me extra costs from my provider, although I expect that to be a rare occurence and only applicable to commercial uses of the site.

Note: the unconditional right to termination of subdomains and email addresses under frostick.com remains with me, Alan Frostick, the webmaster, and would naturally depend on whether your content is legal, decent and not defamatory or rascist etc.. as you'd expect.

Please to discuss your actual needs and your preferred subdomain/email name.


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