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The purpose of the genealogy pages here
The family name " Frostick " is an extremely unusual one. Everyone with this name is likely related, but, like most families, have largely lost contact with remote members over the centuries. What is needed is to pool world wide information; to hopefully discover hitherto unrealised relationships. These genealogy pages are an attempt to help that become a reality.

Frosticks already in contact originate from:

  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Forum on the Origins of the name FROSTICK
and itīs variants: FROSDICK, FROSTDICK, FROSTIC, FROSTICH, FROSTTICK, FROSTWICK and maybe FROSTIG - see the forum page.

How to use the genealogy features on offer here
Thanks to the contributions and encouragement by many Frostick family members around the world, presents an online viewer (gedview) of several Frostick one-name genealogy threads from contributing researchers - generally organised as "descendents of" and can be selected using the option <Welcome page>.

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About the author of this website
My full name is Alan Stephen Christopher Frostick. I was born in Cambridge, England and live in Hamburg, Germany. See my subdomain for further information about me.

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