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Last update: January 2015.

Charles L. Frostick, known as Chuck

About me

As of 2015, I'm 58 years old (b.1957) married to Ann Bailey (53) for twenty-two years and we have a fifteen year old daughter Claire Elise (b. 2000).

My father is Frederick Charles Frostick, Jr (1922-2005). Grandfather is Frederick Charles Frostick, Sr. (1883-1974) Great grandfather is Samuel Frostick born Norwich, UK (1844-1911) and great great grandfather is Henry Frostwick born Wood Dalling, UK (died 1880). I graduated from Ohio Wesleyan University in 1975 with a major (BA) in Politics and Government and a minor in Geology.

I am employed by West Virginia Public Broadcasting as a television/video production supervisor based at WPBY in Charleston, WV.

My family

My wife Ann works in medical records and billing. My brother Bob is married to Debbie Hamilton (2005) and is an award winning public school teacher. He has taught for almost 30 years in junior high, high schools and college. My father was a chemist (PhD from Duke University) who worked for Union Carbide until his retirement in 1982 and my mother is the granddaughter of one of my hometown's earliest physicians. My great-grandfather Samuel came to the USA via Canada and resided in North Carolina. My father Fred came from NC to West Virginia where I live with Ann and Claire. Also living in Charleston is my mother Sis (Florence) and my brother Bob (Robert) and his wife Debbie.

My activities

Photography, genealogy, caving, boating, do-it-yourselfing (repair, building, etc), railroading, table tennis and family.

My genealogy

My father was Frederick Charles Frostick, Jr. (1922-2005) born in Maxton, NC.

Grandfather is Frederick Charles Frostick, Sr. (1883-1974) of Maxton, NC born in Norfolk, VA. Grandad had four brothers and two sisters: Alfred George (1866-1962), Henry Arthur (1867-1952), Samuel O (1871-1958), John B (1881-1938), Elizebeth Ann (Lottie) Nicholson (1867-1917) and Charlotte Virginia Curtis (1873-1930).

Great grandfather is Samuel Frostick born Norwich, UK (1844-1911). Great great grandfather is Henry Frostwick born Wood Dalling, UK (died 1880).

Postal address:
P.O. Box 6885
Charleston, WV 25362-0885

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